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Welcome to the official GlitterBomb site. GlitterBomb is an electronica artist, based in Texas. You can hear GlitterBomb's music on this site for free. If you enjoy the sounds you hear, please share them. GlitterBomb first launched in 1999 in Berkeley, CA, where the music evolved into a larger multimedia project. GlitterBomb's music is about art and sharing. GlitterBomb symbolizes provacative, but explosive (perhaps unexpected) acts of joyful disruption. GlitterBomb is a platform upon which to ignite the magic of transformation, especially in those who espouse hatred, anger, violence, greed or intolerance. Glitter is a fine reflective particulate matter. When under light it adds a colorful, multifaceted ambiance to the surface where it is applied. GlitterBomb is a profusion of refracted light, poetry, art, freedom, joy, kindnesss, whimsy and sometimes just plain wild fun. GlitterBomb your enemies with haste. GlitterBomb yourself. The GlitterBomb is for everyone. Come out of the dark and play.

All Who Come Here Will Live Forever